Who is Subramanian Iyer?

He is your sales coach who gives his own special touch to your business. Subramanian Iyer was born and brought up in a traditional tam-brahm family in Mumbai. A true go-getter Mumbaikar, he has always been engaged in the city's competitive and overwhelming environment. From this, emerged his versatility and ability to understand and communicate suitably with different types of people. Mr. Iyer strongly feels that people who love to eat, are the best people. He relishes all types of vegetarian cuisine, but at the end of the day, nothing can compete with his favourite curd rice. His personal mantra - " Be nice, eat curd rice." Mr.Iyer is a believer of "Simple living and high thinking." He firmly believes that its simple things in life that make us extraordinary. He has always enjoyed wooing his audiences with his witty humour, his interactions with them being a mix of satire and intelligence. Here is a person who can turn a boring training session into an interesting, hilarious experience with powerful learning with the message clearly embedded into minds. With a keen interest in Hindi film music, Mr.Iyer manages to hone his singing talent in his leisure time. He idolises R D Burman,the legendary music director. He also admires global leader Mahatma Gandhi and great Indian personalities like Amitabh Bachchan, Kishore Kumar, and Kapil Dev. A patriot to the core loves his country dearly. Above all, he is a salesperson with an ideology of winning the world collectively. His mission is to erase the word "failure" from every sales person’s life by instilling confidence through his training. To sum up, Subramanian Iyer can be described in three words Simple, Collaborative, Grateful.

What makes him unique?

A sales professional since 1995, Mr. Subramanian Iyer has gained valuable insights while working with reputed companies, namely, Rolta India Ltd, ICICI Prudential Life Insurance and TATA AIG Life Insurance.

He drives changes in the approach and attitude of the sales team, steering them towards achieving their goals. He is more than willing to invest time and efforts in understanding his trainees, the company’s products or services, and the organisation’s specific business challenges.

Mr. Iyer has an expertise in communicating complex ideas into easy-to-absorb concepts that resonate with his audiences , which in turn results in an effective communication with them. As is rightfully said “A great message isn’t of any value until it has been effectively communicated"

He gives people a sense of purpose and direction and motivates them to work hard. His unique sales training modules end up as an eye-opening experience for every salesperson. He's a sales coach with a vision to generate top class sales professionals across the globe.

Mr Iyer has been a lead performance consultant and has trained the large workforce of reputed conglomerates, namely Eicher Tractors, Reliance Nippo Life Insurance, Hitachi Air Conditioners, Lipi Data systems, Life Insurance Corporation of India, educational institution namely SDA Bocconi Asia Center and real estate associations like the AREA, NAR, TREA.

Whom can he impact?

  • The sales staff of various industries
  • Emerging Entrepreneurs who wish to build their sales strategies
  • Career seekers who are keen to develop their skills in sales
  • Management Institutes
  • Fresher’s joining corporates
  • Life Insurance Companies
  • Associations of diverse industries and Forums (Versatile Segments)
  • Companies selling through Dealers (For example- Eicher, Ambuja Cement)
  • Organizations with huge employee base (For example- TATA, Reliance)

How can he impact you?

  • Undertaking several training modules in sales resulting in an effective increase in sales, therebybuilding a good customer base
  • Rendering learning and development services in consultative selling
  • Conducting entrepreneur coaching programs
  • Providing sales training to frontline sales staff and middle management professionals
  • Catering sales coaching for SME’s and MSME’s
  • Being an effective sales strategist



Mr Iyer has been assisting us in recruiting and reviewing our sales team,
developing sales strategies and reviewing them from time to time. He has also been providing advisory and consultation services to our company. His support to Mumbai Properties has been invaluable. His sincere and consistent efforts in bringing out the best in our staff is admirable. He is an excellent sales trainer."

Ramprasad Padhi