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the team

 “Great things in business are never done by one person. They're done by a team of people."


Mansi Kajani

Client Acquisition Head

Mansi is the head of acquisition process by performing a responsible research, planning and also managing to develop and execute the acquisitions strategy as well as ensuring the process goes smoothly.


Mohit Suryawanshi

Head of Sales

Mohit is the head of sales team by designing and implementing a strategic sales plan that expands company's client base.


Namrata Bagdevani

Lead Content Writer

She produces a variety of content for the web that appeal to our audiences on social platforms, and boost brand awareness


Mayur S.

Admin Head

Mayur handles all the back end process of the company by coordinating adminstrative procedures and systems and devising ways to streamline processes.


Vishnu Nair

Brand Creator

Vishnu is a PR Specialist, He builds and maintains a strong public image for the company by developing strategies, executing effective communication between the audience and the company and leading media relations program.

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