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Anger is just an emotion. It can be channelised constructively as well. Channelisation matters.

Anger is an emotion we all feel from time to time. So long as we control the anger we feel, and don't let it control us,it can be a useful emotion. However, what is of importance is the attitude of the individual who is angry. It is natural to blame anger for the decisions taken. Given a situation,individual 'A,' can react aggressively and individual 'B' may react productively. 'A' may destroy things or hurt someone. On the other hand, 'B' may understand where he is wrong and rectify himself or  will give sufficient evidence to prove himself right. If a sales target is not met, a sales person may blame the customer, the environment, the economy, the employer. Instead why not channelise that energy to upgrade oneself, meet more prospective customers, study the product extensively, increase his network and try a different sales strategy In short, don't blame the emotion, instead focus on the decision taken to channelise that emotion, reaffirming the popular quote, "'I' am responsible."

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