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Gratitude for Lumba World

Gratitude is the greatest Attitude one can possess, and today I would like to express my gratitude to one of my esteemed client Lumba World, my first client being an entrepreneur. A sincere thanks to Mr. Mahendra for giving me this opportunity for making me a part of Lumba world. Best wishes!

Gratitude for Mumbai Properties

I would like to say a big thank you to Mr. Ram Prasad Padhi, Founder of Mumbai Properties. Being in a real estate industry it is a privilege to be part of one of the biggest life decisions and probably the biggest financial decisions of many of the people. I sincerely thank him for considering my services and evaluating me as one of his resource. Best wishes!



Mr Iyer has been assisting us in recruiting and reviewing our sales team,
developing sales strategies and reviewing them from time to time. He has also been providing advisory and consultation services to our company. His support to Mumbai Properties has been invaluable. His sincere and consistent efforts in bringing out the best in our staff is admirable. He is an excellent sales trainer."

Ramprasad Padhi


Ocean One Pvt. Ltd.

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