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“In this budding age of global competition, every business and its respective market has its own significance. And when it comes to India, it’s all about numbers. The growing population has played a vital role in incrementing scope of real estate segment.

Lately, the implementation of RERA, aiming for transparency and accountability from builders, was nothing short of a game changer for the real estate market. The RERA turned out to be a path-breaking law, with immense potential to revive buyers’ confidence and drive momentum in the real estate market. Although initially, it gave rise to a ‘wait and watch’ attitude among the end users and the investors.  

Despite these unexpected turbulences, one particular set of people stood strong by preparing themselves to face any challenge irrespective of the market scenario. They were the true fighters- The Real Estate Brokers.

Meanwhile, few of the visionary brokers realized the importance of learning, research and development and started introducing new business tactics to keep themselves on the forefront. They started investing in themselves and restructured the whole business module in a more organized way. In order to add more value to this assertive trend, Mind Rank Ventures initiated a training program to empower the Real Estate agents to thrive in this competitive market, by strengthening their organization in Sales, Finance and Human Resource.

After extensive research and development, Mind Rank Ventures Pvt Ltd designed a comprehensive training module ‘ACE Broker’ with an objective to prepare real estate brokers for the next level of entrepreneurship.

The theory of this workshop states- The organization which is you, should have an adequate exploration of your existing aptitude towards this industry and adapt to the changes that may evolve from time to time. Profitability is no longer determined by the margin of your sales, but on the cost of your sales. Although margins have shrunk, the cost involved in acquisition can be optimized (which is in your control) and in order to optimize your cost, you need to optimize your resources by deploying competent resources in your organization. Competent resources in the form of employees and IT will enhance your business, reducing your cost further, thereby increasing profitability. A continuous updating in aptitude and competence will lead your organization to achieve excellence. This will enable you to not just survive, but to thrive in this industry”

Hence, an ACE Broker.

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